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Which one should i use

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Ok guys.. I have to chevy emblems for the front of my truck. I have the billet Emblem that came with the trenz billet grill.. Its been on since feb. I also have a professionally painted Emblem that is painted to match the paint. Its the Dark Green Metallic. Im debating which one i want to use. I'll end up selling the other.. This is for a 04 Silverado. I guess i can go take a pic with my camera phone to give you guys an idea what the front of my truck looks like, but the phone takes ****ty pics. What do you guys think?

Which Emblem?

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always wanting ,never get
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billet superstore sells some cool ones that are airbrushed . i think they are called faded or something to that point check there website to see them i guess. just my 2 pennies.
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