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ok I could either get Llyod Elliot to rework the heads and intake as well as custom grind me a cam to these specs.

LE1 cam pulls from 1900 to 6100 RPM and should make 370-390 RWHP with matching heads, 30 lb injectors, 52 TB, 1 3/4 LTs, No cats, good tuning, etc. The heads are ported using stock valves, performance valve job, back cut valves, CM 612 springs, retainers and locks, milling, cleaning and assembly. These heads flow about 255/180 with a 195 cc intake port and stock LT1's flow about 215/150 with a 170 cc intake port.
Heads and cam are $1100


LE2 cam pulls from 2200 to 6400 RPM and should make 400-420 RWHP with matching heads, 30-36 lb injectors, 52-58 mm TB, 1 3/4 LT's, no cats, GOOD tuning, etc. The heads are ported and machined for larger Ferrea 2.00/1.56 valves, Comp 987 dbl springs, TITANIUM 10 degree retainers, locks, locators, milling, cleaning and assembly. These will flow about 270/190 with a 205 cc intake port.
Heads and cam are $1600

and he will charge $100 to port the intake, and I like that cuz my intake is all polished out. Also take into consideration that the above stuff will be stock heads(steel) and add around 150 shipping(he says)

or I could do some parts from Summit

thats the LT4 intake powder coated red, all stock for $229 shipped
and a set of Trick Flow heads that are rated at 195cc intake port, 75cc exhaust ports, 64cc combustion runners, and have 2.02 and 1.60 valves with 3/8 studs plus they are all aluminum. they go for $1295 shipped.

or the LT4 heads from Summit for $1360 shipped, heres the specs

* 54.4cc combustion chambers
* 195cc intake runners
* Intake valve diameter: 2.00 in.
* Exhaust valve diameter: 1.55 in.
* Valve spring diameter: 1.32 in.
* Spark plug location: Angled

Then all I need is a cam like the CC306
* Advertised duration: 290 intake/307 exhaust
* Duration at .050 in. cam lift: 230 intake/244 exhaust
* Gross valve lift: .510 in. intake/.540 in. exhaust
* Lobe separation: 112 degrees
* RPM range: 1,800 to 5,800

or the CC305
* Advertised duration: 276 intake/290 exhaust
* Duration at .050 in.: 220 intake/230 exhaust
* Gross valve lift: .510 in. intake/.510 in. exhaust
* Lobe separation: 114 degrees
* RPM range: 1,500 to 5,500

then Ill need a set of 30lb injectors which are around $249

any opinions needed and wanted . I wanna start saving for this soon. im leaning towards the Trick Flow heads,CC306, and either the modified intake or the LT4. The modified one will save me around $100 cuz of shipping. I already have the LT4 knock module but I will need to get the computer redone again!
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