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Who has found Moog Tire-Rod ends?

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Has anyone found Moog inner and outer tie-rod ends for their 2000 Silverado Z-71?
I have found the Moog Pitman and Idler arm but cannot find the rod ends anywhere. I need to replace mine before they truck is wandering so bad and is so loose in the front end, it is starting to scare me.
I don't want to use the dealer crap, as I will be changing them again within the next year or two.
Before you ask....Rancho 4" suspension, 3" body lift, (no stabilizer yet), Torsion bars twisted up 1.5" and 36x 14.5x 16 Parnelli Jones Dirt Grips (
2nd Set.)
Front end is worn!
Thanks for the input,
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FST had this Quadresteer truck at SEMA running a 6" Supperlift and their tie-rod upgrade both front and rear. I had heard about their setup but never had the chance to inspect it first hand. Looks like they did a pretty good job, only thing I don't care for is the outer mount. Instead of using another bracket they should just drill out the steering knuckle to accept the heim joint. I also attached a picture of the rear steering setup I took at the show.

OT I love the look of the 'flared' besides on those Quadrasteers. To bad GM doesn't build a Quadrasteer Dmax!



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