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Who said spraypaint sucked?

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lol ill leave you bastards hanging, ill have pics in the morning, we camoed the burban right up because i had to bondo the rear quarters looks sexy :head:
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Badassilverado said:
Might look alright on a rig like yours but I think trying to match the finish of a new truck w/ cans is a desperate attempt. It's just not going to look as good plain and simple IMO. Yes, it can look decent, but it'll never have the shine and depth of what a gun can produce.

agreed. i thought this thread was going to be about you having color-matched something! rattle cans are OK for camo... after all, i would not want to camo my whole truck using a gun. but as far as color matching, a spray gun, and the paint you spray with it are superior.

camo looks good though.
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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