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Will 02 tail light fillers work on a 03?

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I can't find any that are for a 03 but seeing as how every one with 99-02 trucks upgrade to our tail lights I would think that the fillers would be the same but not realy sure.
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Thats what I thought but wanted to make sure befor I bought em.

By the way, Any one got any good tips on adapting the caddy tails to the 03 harness?
how much you gonna get rid of your 03's for?? i want them
Don't know.

It will be a couple of weeks befor I get the stuff and get started on it.

Selling a SS tail gate cap already painted pewter, want it?
no... thanks though.. i'm shaving my tailgate and rolpan in a couple weeks.. i just need a set of 03's to finish off the rear i just dont wanna pay out the ass for them :crazy:
Well when I am done I will post em for sale.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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