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Will 95 2500 hub bearing fit 95 1/2 ton

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Quick question before I order this hub. It is for a 95 2500 4x4 and I'm putting it on my 95 1/2 ton 4x4 w/ same lug pattern. Will that fit?

Also, dropped my truck off this morning at Gateway tire to have a rotate/balance. I got them to check out the front end so I'll know what all to replace before I get an alignment. I was already aware that I need this hub bearing bad, but check it out. The douche calls me and says my front driver side hub bearing is gone? and that they'd be happy to replace it for $850!! HA go :yourself: GATEWAY TIRE. Just found a hub bearing for $114.00, so basically they want $700 in labor to replace a fucking hub bearing.
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EDIT: I don't know about your questiong but:

jesus those are easy to replace too...
anyone? i jus ordered it so hopefully its a yes but i don see why not
if your truck is 6 lug and the hub you ordered is 6 lug, yes.
yeah dumb question i guess but thanks
will 3/4 ton upper balljoints fit on a 1/2 ton 4x4?
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