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i'm about to drop my truck 3/6, so now i'm thinking about what wheels and tires i want to get.

for wheels, i'm looking at either some Centerline Rapids 20 x 8 with 5" of BS or some American Racing Torq Thrust ST 20 x 8.5 with 5.5" of BS. the Centerlines weight 23ibs, does anybody know how much the AR Torq Thurst weight?

for tires, i want to use the Toyo Proxie S/T's 255/45/20. accoording to there web site they are 29.6" tall and 10.1" wide. my stuck tires are 235/75/16 which are 29.8" tall and 9.2" wide, according to the Goodyear web site. i'm trying to keep it close to the same overall diameter so my speedo, and odometer will be right, cause i dont have the money to get the computer reflashed.

so, will these work on my 2003 Silverado lower 3/6 with new coils in the front and a flip kit in the back? i really dont want to roll the fender lip, but i will to run the Centerlines.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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