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I finally decided on my Rim and tire(hopefully) combo.

I am going with Oasis B-1 6 lugs....

they are 22x9's with 6"(I think) of backspacing

The tires I'm most likely going with are BFGoodrich g-Force T/A KDW-2's

the size is 285/35/22.... they measure 29.9" in diameter

...... now for the Drop......
I already have shackles in the rear, so:

I have been wanting to go with a DJM 4/6 drop kit and get a 4/7 drop out of it, BUT I am concerned about Rubbing in the Front(the rear fenders can always be dealt with)

My questions/concerns are:

-Do you think these tires will rub with this drop?
-I am really only concerned about the front rubbing
-Would a 3/6" drop be alot better??
-I don't really want to swap out the springs becasue I want it to ride well and like stock
-Drop spindles are always an option, but they only come in 2"... so where do I get the other 1" from??
-This rim/tire combo is pretty close to a 4/6 drop on 275/45/20's(and I know alot of you guys run or have run these tires)
-Also is there any way that i could go with the 4/6 and use a 0.5 or 0.75" coil spacer in the front to gain a Little more clearance???

let me know what you guys think, cuz I want to be rolling on some double dueces soon.

Burning Rubber
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Badassilverado said:
3" Springs should ride fine. I have an equivalent setup w/ 20" wheels. (275/45/20's) If I remember the diameter of those are 29.9" or around there ...and the wheel size is 20x8 with 5" of backspacing.

I'm running a 3/4 now and lately I've been rubbing occasionally in the front. Only on BIG dips, if I pull into my driveway fast, pull out fast, etc. No rubbing on turns or anything like that. The rear should be fine but you'll probably have to roll the fender wells. I don't think a 4/6 or anything lower will work.

that's exactly what I figured.

I have also been looking into 295/30/22's for tires. I think that would work with a 4/6.

Does anybody know what tires are out there in a 30 series sidewall for 22's??

... Either way, I think a 3/6 on 35 series would ride better than a 4/6 on 30 series tires.....

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i have those exact tires on 22x10 with 7.5" BS and i wouldnt run a 4/6.

i might consider a 3/6 but i would have gone with a 285/30/22 or the 265/35/22 if i was just going to drop it. the last two tires sizes are rubberbands and you better drive like grandma if you dont want to dent them

the only truck i have seen 4/6 on 22's had custom billet offset so they tucked and he ran 295/30/22
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