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wiper cowl/ bumper

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i have a smooth wiper cowl and my bumper from an 05 stepside silverado for sale. 110 for wiper cowl and 180 for rear bumper shipping not included. i'll take offers

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i also have some stepside tailight housings. if anyones interested i'll post pics
is the 06 silverado wiper cowl different than that or will it work?
grant im pretty sure its the same, have him bring it to the meet....
ive got an 04 cowl in the garage, ill check tomorrow too.
people have told me it'll work. that the hoods r the same where they meet at the cowl. but i'm not 100% sure.
i think the 06 hood is higher thoough?
i think the 06 hood is higher thoough?
it is, but if you look its not the cowl that comes up to meet the hood. the hood goes down to fill that gap.
best bet would be to call street scene or look at an 05 and an 06 side by side.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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