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would this be a good drop?

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I'm looking for a nice mild static drop for my daily until I can afford to bag it. In the mean time I want decent ride quality and to retain some towing capability w/o the use of helper bags. I'm looking at using DJM 2" control arm in front and Hotchkis 4" leafs in the rear. Does anyone see any problems with this? would it be a good set up? Where would be the cheapest place to buy these components?
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Yea, the leafs should work fine. I've seen a few guys running them. They ride a little stiffer than stock, but's more of a performance feeling. You could add a shackle in the back for a 5" drop, and get the 3" arms and install a c-notch since you will need one for the bags. It would have less fendergap than the 2/4, therefor looking cooler
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