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* WMA Playback: Yes
* Satellite Radio Ready: Yes
* Subwoofer Preamp Outputs: Yes
* MP3 playback: Yes
* Maximum Power: 4x60 Watts
* HD Radio: No
* DIN: 2
* Changer Control: Yes
* CD Text: Yes
* Bluetooth: Yes
* Aux input: Yes
* Built-in EQ: Yes
* CD-R/CD-RW Compatible: Yes
* Remote Control: Yes
* Detachable Face: No


* Motorized 6.5" touch screen TFT LCD monitor
* Integrated Navigation
* 2-DIN Chassis
* 60x4 Max Power (260 Watts Total)
* Center channel output (20x1)
* Fully self-contained (no hide-away box)
* Multi-zone
* Import ISO/DIN mountable
* Internal cooling fan
* Electronic volume, bass, treble, balance, and fader
* MOSFET audio output
* 5.1 audio outputs (RCA)
* Center channel output (20x1)
* 1 Audio/video input (RCA)
* 1 Rear camera input (RCA)
* 1 Composite video output
* 1-Pair multi-zone A/V outputs
* iPLUG interface cable (A/V-iPod-3.5mm)
* XM Radio Ready
* Integrated SD card reader (up to 2GB)
* Integrated navigation (SD card)
* 24-Bit D/A Converter
* Multi-zone remote control
* Infrared remote control
* iPod
o Control and command all iPods via touch screen (Except iPod "Shuffle")
o Displays all track information including: Playlists, artists, albums, and songs
o Watch videos and view pictures (*video control from 5th Generation iPod)
o Includes iPod interface cable
o MP3/WMA encoded CD/DVD playback
o DVD-R/RW/DVD+R/RW/CD-R/CD-RW compatible
o Direct track access
o Last position memory
o Random/repeat/play/pause
o High-speed track search
o On screen display
o ESP buffer
o Subtitle/angle
o Zoom
o Play/pause
o Chapter skip/search
o Direct time/title/chapter access
o US/European frequency spacing
o 48 Station presets
* Bluetooth
o Communicates with most Bluetooth enabled phones
o Built-in microphone for hands-free operation
o Answer and place calls via touch screen
o One-touch dialing from phone book
o On-screen caller ID

normally i wouldnt go with a cheap brand... but this is a good price... i think

Ballin' on a Budget
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get a kenwood and a music keg. Or be like me and get a pioneer avic-xx, an adapter, and a music keg.
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