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WTB: 03-05 black grille assembly

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i'm looking for a black fully painted grille assembly. the grille that comes on the ss and the joe gibbs trucks.

let me know what you have..
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ive researched this a lot. u can buy a painted grille shell from sporttruckdirect which is made by street scene. i believe ckresto has it as well. i found a site where u can get a direct replacement OEM factory painted shell for like $450. but for $450 u might as well just grab a cheap one thats chrome and just take a DA sander to the chrome strip and have it painted. itd cost a lot less, especially if u already have the chrome one. thats what im doin, just takin it to the body shop.
ttt. need one soon.. just primered my cowl hood tonight.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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