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WTB: OBS Frame and Cab

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Hey Guys,
I am looking for a straight frame(it can be totally stripped) and a cab. I would like to find and extended cab with short box but will take a short bed regular cab as well.
IT MUST BE A 1/2 ton 2 wheel drive truck, and it MUST HAVE a clear title.

This will be the platform for my new project. I have almost all of the parts already and my bed is almost finished as well as a new caddy front clip.

I prefer the cab and frame be from the same truck. I don't care if there is not any doors or glass or suspension. It can be completely gutted. I would like to find one in Texas or surrounding states.

Please reply or email me.
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Ya sorry Josh. I thought I had replied to you, but looking back I don't think I did.
I need a good frame and cab really need and xcab. I am looking in the $1000 range as the shape I am looking for I have found well under that $1k is high side for a stripped truck.
Thanks JOsh.
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