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Alright, up for sale i have an xbox 360 plus some misc things (see list below)

-Xbox 360 (15GB?....13.8GB remaining) with 1yr warranty (4-6 months left) after RROD fix from Microsoft. Yes, the RROD issue has been fixed with this system.
- 2 controllers.
- Power brick / Tv hookups
- Controller charger (plugs into the back of your controller and charges up your battery pack (if you have a rechargable pack)) (no rechargable packs are included)
- 64 MB memory card.
- 9 games
.....- NFS: Carbon (good condition)
.....- Tiger Woods 07 (fair/good condition)
.....- Nascar 09 (excellent condition)
.....- NCAA Football 08 (excellent condition)
.....- Army of Two (good condition)
.....- WWE Smackdown Vs. Raw 2007 (excellent condition)
.....- BLITZ: The League (good condition)
.....- NCAA Football 07 (good condition)
.....- Fight Night Round 3 (good condition)


Turning it on recently


Game Loading Up

Looking for $300 + shipping. OBO.

Excellent condition = no scratches/perfect
Good condition = Slight / Minor blemishes
Fair = minor blemishes/scratches

Also included are Madden 08, nba 2k8, and madden 07. They are not listed or included in the price...due to not knowing about their playability (Poor to Fair condition). Might have a few other games to add in...but haven't sorted through them all yet.

Shoot me some offers. :)

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Bump! $280 plus shipping!

would you just sell the hard drive?
I'd like to keep it all together... :shake:

sell just 2 games?
wans need for speed carbon and fight night round 3
I'd like to keep it together for a little longer... if i'm forced to put it on ebay.. i'll shoot you a PM. :shake:

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I want the xbox by itself, you can keep everything else and sell it to make up the difference, I mean everything, the cords the hd, the memory card the controllers, all of that. I need just the box, and one of the controller batteries. keep everythign else and ebay it or sell it on the forums and you can make the difference up...$75, paypal waiting.
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