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Hey guys,

Finally found a nice LBZ. Black ccsb 06 with 53k. The guy I got it from put 22" XD Hoss wheels on just before he sold it. I am leaning towards getting rid of them and going down to the 20" XD Hoss. Main reason is for tire choices. I only find 3 tires in 285/50R22, Terra Grappler being the only decent one, and I think I might get bored running the same tires all the time as I'll drive this thing for a looong time.

My dilemma, I can't find any info on the XD site about the offset of the 22's. Any thing I have found says 0 on other sites. As far as the 20's the only option on the XD site is +18. Is there going to be a huge difference between the two? I like the lip on the 22's and they sit about perfect. I would keep them if there were more tire choices. I just don't want to order the wheels and have them come and sit in too far and not be happy with the look.

I know it might seem like a rookie/dumb question. The pictures I've seen online of the 20's on NBS trucks doesn't look bad, but you can only tell so much in pictures.
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