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Yeeee Hawwww!!!

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i found me a truck today that im thinkin about buyin.....heres the specs on it

2002 Chevrolet Silverado LS Z71 K1500 5.3 V8 Black
Stock #: 3128
Price: $18,980 Miles: 49,182

8 Cylinder
Air Conditioning
All Wheel Drive
AM/FM Stereo
Antilock Brakes
Automatic Transmission
Bucket Seats
Cruise Control
CD player
Dual Air Bags
Fuel Injection
Aluminum Wheels
Power Brakes
Power Locks
Power Mirrors
Power Steering
Power Windows
Running Boards
Remote Keyless Entry
Daytime Running Lights
Tilt Steering Wheel
Towing Package
Tinted Windows

It has dual str8 pipes, and seems really clean. Im gonna go drive it tomorrow and do some dealing with the guy. First thing is first, when i get it im gettin a 6" or 8" kit for it.
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A new ride is always exciting to get...just get ready for maintainence time!

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dual str8 pipes huh?
i didnt know you could have just ONE straight pipe...or for that matter straight pipe anything with an 02 sensor behind the cats. :shrug:

but if it is trualy strait piped see if they splicced the o2 sensor wires together with the forward sensor wires or if they put a bi-pass computer thingy* on it.

But it is still a nice lookin truck :pimp:

*not sure what you would call it..module?

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i paid $16,500 for my 2002 a year ago with 14,000. Mine is fully loaded except for leather of course but has a v8. Also the truck ur looking at is a z71 so add a thousand maybe a little more to the price then subract for milage and the extra year and well my point is they are asking to much. You could also add some to the value bc you live in iowa bc the 4wd is prob more desired. I would say a fair price would be around the low $16K also screw the book value mine said a msrp of $19,500 and did they get that no. With tt&l mine came out just under 16,500 for basically a brand new truck that had been sitting for 6 months. I know this bc of carfax and oil changes through the dealer. Just trying to help you save money. Btw it is a nice truck just to much for the miles it has

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My neighbor is selling his 02 Z71 SCSB it is a rare truck...LS Model. so it has PW and PL and that shit has a 5 speed..4.8 i think it has vinyl floor which is better than carpet anyways. :imo and hes got it rhino lined..has a ranch hand some badass kc's dumped flows...and hes asking 15k for it has somewhere around 42k miles if im not mistaken.
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