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Yeti, the making of my abominable Lb7

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Been posting my 05 GMC for a while (Ghost) and got bored with it so I figured what’s one more GM added to the stables? Started looking after I did a couple runs of show horses hauling and found this sweet 02 LB7 crew cab short bed. Drive it home in blinding snow, so the Yeti came to be.

Plans are BDS/Zone lift, full powder coating, debadge and stop the emblems, 22-24” wheels, 37s, tint, and just build it to be super clean. From there, I’m gonna add a bit of power
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Cleaned it up on day 3 of the nightmare, the remote start that had a mind of its own, and been driving it daily. She seems solid so I bought a Zone lift, and sent it to powder coat

Next is stepping down the leaf springs, control arms, torsion bar crossmember and torsion bars, hitch, and a few other parts that will be sent off soon.

Then balljoints and hubs will be replaced with Kryptonite goodies. Ultimately, I want to lose the blocks and go full leaf spring only.
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