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Yukon 3rd brake light out!

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I have an 03 yukon and I noticed the 3rd brake light was out, The 2 regular brake bulbs work but just the whole center one is out. The whole thing is LED! Has anybody else had this problem? I took it aprt and the connection was fine.
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Well I tested the plug going to the third brake light and yes it was getting power but not lighting up. I went through a car wash earlyer that day so I think It probably got some water in it and it shorted out! Does anybody know how much a new replacement one would cost?
Do you have the liftgate or doors? I have an '01 Yukon and had to replace the rear stop LED. I ordered mine from GMPD.

Lamp, Stop
Cadillac - 15044516
Chevrolet, GMC - 15170955 - $103.82 (GMPD)

Lamp, Stop
w/Back Doors - 15030176
throw you a esky 3rd brake light on there it will look awsome!
Its a lift gate door!
throw you a esky 3rd brake light on there it will look awsome!

Thanks I forgot about that upgrade. I will go ahead and save and do that!
If you need a 3rd brake light I have one from my yukon if you are interested.

On the escalade one you will need to replace the entire glass since it requires a diffrent glass in addition to the 3rd brake light.

Here is what they look like on a suv

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