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Yukon/Tahoe/Esky/Denali: Adding video ?

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I'm wanting to add video on wifey's Denali. Not looking to spend a buttload of money though.

I've seen a few of the replacement console shrouds but they seem to be pretty rare

What other options are out there?

The head unit will be an Alpine IDA-X303. The OEM cd changer in the console will be removed and I'll either add a monitor there, or a din-sized add-on DVD player. If either of those dont go there, I'll put a monitor there, and hide the dvd player somewhere else. Not really looking to do a flip-down from the ceiling because I seriously hate those, and even turn customers away when they want them installed.

Any ideas?
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That seems to be a good item especially if you don't want to use an overhead. I have a double din/dvd in the dash and drop down in my Escalade.
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